How Congress should address illegal immigration

Illegal immigration is a complex problem that deserves a more careful set of answers than what we have been offering.  We may not like the idea of immigrants coming here without documents, and seek to punish them or put up walls in hopes of bringing illegal immigration to a halt.  But, at the same time that we want to say no to them with the force of law or prevent their entry with a physical barrier, we also rely upon their cheap labor for food production, for putting a new roof on our home, for construction of a new building, for the most basic healthcare for our elderly, or in restaurants or other service industry businesses.  We don’t want to see them, but we want to take advantage of their need and their willingness to work for less.

We need a realistic policy that provides opportunities for work that we want done, an adequate and reasonable vetting process that can provide them with documentation, and protections for both sides of this equation when it comes to remuneration, assurances of employment, and access to healthcare which protects us all.

We need to reestablish the safeguards of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  The young people whom I have met who would come under this program are some of the hardest working individuals I know.  They are dedicated patriots who long to become citizens of the United States, the only home that most of them have known.  We need their resourcefulness, their talent, and their commitment to this nation.

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  1. We perhaps should remind ourselves that every European that set a foot on these shores from 1559 to 1776 were uninvited illegal immigrants. If the owners of the lands are the first ones there, then, no one but Native Americans who were only called Indians because Columbus got lost has any right to call themselves Americans. However, I do agree something must be done and deporting all those young people is not the American way.

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