On the gap between rich and poor

The gap between rich and poor is a profound problem for America.  The greater the income inequality is between rich and poor, the less there is a sense of understanding or care for people on either side of this divide.  I am not against wealth.  I am not against people prospering.  But for this gap to be widened even further with lavish tax breaks for the wealthy, at the expense of programs that support the poor, bolster the middle class, provide health coverage for children, simple meals for people who cannot get out of their homes is a shameful act.  Many of the people in Congress came from more humble backgrounds.  If they are aware of their own history, they should commit themselves to preserving these protections that have been put in place.  Some of these very members of Congress relied upon programs like these when they may have been hungry as children or needed help to get an education.

With the programs that are being cut in order to provide these tax cuts, it seems like there is a growing sense of contempt for people who have less than Members of Congress.  We are moving in the wrong direction, especially if the United States is to remain vital and competitive in the world.  We simply cannot have contempt for our own people.  And yet, that seems to be what is behind the actions being taken.

We need to move strongly in a different direction that upholds and encourages work and thrift, and provides stepping stones for those who want to step up.  We need to support our public schools with adequate tools and resources to provide a good education for our children.  Our public schools are the foundations of every community in our district.  To drain them of funds and valuable resources in order to support private elementary and secondary educations for the children of wealthy families is to diminish one of the best institutions where we learn how to be a democracy and what it is to be Americans.  Congress should be about supporting public schools and providing a better education for all of our children.

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