Public Schools

Public schools are the foundation of every community in our district. Private schools may do wonderful things for those who can afford them. But we must not drain resources and diminish funds for our public schools, which are for the education of all of our children, in order to give tax breaks to the wealthiest for a private education. We must have secure funding for our schools, which offer our children the promise of the future.

I will work hard to guard funding for our public schools so that every child has a better chance to excel.

Social Security

We must protect Social Security. Our opposition wants you to believe entitlements are breaking the national budget. Most of us have contributed to Social Security through our payroll taxes, which go to a dedicated fund. That entitles us to the benefits. That’s what entitlement means.

Our opponents want to give our Social Security benefits to the wealthiest among us to solve a budget crisis of their own making with the biggest tax giveaway in our history. We can’t let them do that.

I will work hard to protect Social Security and hold Congress accountable for the secure future of every American.