Bethel4Congress Feature Video

I have entered this race in hopes of bringing people together with a new understanding of this office, being willing to listen to all of the constituents, and working to address the needs of the citizens of the 4th Congressional District. Most importantly, I want to see all the people of District 4 “at the table” and included in the process to define our legislative priorities at the Federal level.

Working for your place at the table is important to me as an American, a pastor, a community member and as a leader.

Our campaign is focused on connecting with the people of the district, listening to your concerns, and translating them into issues like building roads, offering protection, educating our children and securing our future. This is your campaign as well as mine, as we work together around the table.

I was endorsed by the Dallas Morning News following an extensive interview with the Editorial Board. They said this about their endorsement, and my candidacy (click here for the full article).

We recommend Bethel, based on the breadth of his community involvement and knowledge of the issues facing Congress, ranging from trade policy to spending priorities and healthcare.

Bethel has labored the last seven years as a leader, and ultimately chairman, of the Grayson County Democratic Party and has for many years been a full-time pastor and community volunteer. The Sherman resident knows, for instance, that NAFTA has driven prosperity in Texas, and he wants stepped-up investment in public schools and higher education by Washington. He sees the recently enacted tax cuts as a budget ploy to put pressure on entitlement spending.

I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail. Vote for me in the 2018 Democratic Primary in early voting, or on Election Day March 6th.

Let me, and my campaign team, know what concerns you most as a citizen of District 4 and provide us basic information so we can contact you to to participate in the campaign or with important information about our District.



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