What political leader do you most admire and why?

What political leader do you most admire and why?

FDR and MLK.

Franklin Roosevelt was a person of wealth and privilege.  He saw our country at a point of severe crisis.  He led our nation in caring for the neediest people, putting in place some of the most significant social programs supporting ordinary Americans, established banking laws that offered protections to the public, and put people back to work so that they could support themselves and their families.  The United States prospered again, following WWII, which gave rise to the middle class, offered hope for a brighter future for working Americans, and the wealthy prospered, too.  His priorities helped all of us move in a better direction.

Martin King saw the connections between deepening poverty and national spending that was so heavily weighted toward the military. It’s important that we have a strong military.  But when we are building tanks in Ohio, that the military says are not needed, and they come off the assembly line to be mothballed, we are acting on distorted values.  Martin King stood for all people who are poor.  He saw that we could be a better nation where we would recognize one another as equals, created in the image of God.  He helped move us toward being a better nation and a better people.  We need to lay aside our fears and move ahead with courage.

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