As a registered nurse at Grayson, Fannin and Cooke Counties’ only non-profit hospice, I had the privilege of working with Lander Bethel as he volunteered his time to our agency as chaplain, visiting the terminally ill and their families in their homes, and working with hospice staff at all levels, reinforcing to us why our …

Glen Davis

Lander is a representative for our time. When we have so many in Washington not listening to their constituents, Bethel has a career of listening and acting on what you say. He is working for our place at the table.

‎Richard Chowning‎

Lander Bethel is a kind, caring and honest man. A person who listens. He is someone with high moral standards, a true man of the people. Please join us and support him in his run for the 4th Congressional District of Texas. Lander Bethel will be a new kind of Congressman one that the citizens …

Glen Johnstone

Finally….a candidate for Congress that I know will put Texas and our nation before politics or party. He’s dedicated his life’s work for the good of others. Just what we need, someone who’ll listen and go to Washington to represent all his constituents.

Tony Beaverson

You go, Lander. I can’t think of anyone more honorable, wise, thoughtful, committed to people, than you. I wish you all the best. I know you to be a servant and man of greatest integrity. Where do I send a contribution?  

Randy Branson

Lander will work for the people of Congressional District 4. He cares about people, is trustworthy and kind.

Deborah West

I am pleased my colleague is running. His thoughtfulness, care for the common good, and passion for service makes me wish I lived in his district so I could vote for him.

‎Elizabeth Boone McLean‎

I am very happy to see that Lander Bethel is running for Congress for our district! He has my vote for sure!

Carol Amlin‎

Go Lander! Prayers and thoughts and hugs.

‎Karen Wright‎

So proud of you! And excited for you and the constituents!!

Polly Williams‎

Hooray! I am so excited to see qualified, competent, and compassionate people stepping forward to help lead this country!

Jessie K. Finch‎

Love it, Lander, and have many friends in TX and will promote you like crazy!

‎Debbie Gann Hamrick‎


Sam Lanham‎

Great to hear this, Lander! I’m with you!

‎Andrew Walton‎

Go, you!

Robin Keck‎

I cannot think of a better candidate. We desperately need quality leadership, and Lander is a keen example of the best. Go for it.

‎Tom W Boyd‎

This is fabulous news!!

Jan Fall‎

I won the endorsement of the Dallas Morning News Editorial Board based on my grassroots work in the Democratic Party, knowledge of the issues facing our District, and commitment to our region.   https://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/editorials/2018/02/01/recommend-lander-bethel-democratic-primary-us-house-district-4  

We recommend Lander Bethel in Democratic primary for U.S. House District 4