The Basic Function of Government

The basic function of government is to do for us what we cannot do by ourselves. Protecting the air and water are not things we can do individually, even though we might do things on our own to keep from contributing to polluting the air or fouling the water. We deal with large problems by putting protections in place. Those protections are upheld by rules that make things better for all of us – even though a few of us may think there’s no harm in violating these protections, especially if it might cost a little more to do what’s right.

Without those protections we get terrible hazards like the public water supply being ruined in Flint, MI, when people tried to cut corners.

Many of the people who have the knowledge and expertise to respond to problems or keep them from happening work for us in our government agencies. They receive laws made by Congress, that we have said we want to protect us, and work to implement them on our behalf. They do this as our employees, hired by us, to put these protections in place through agencies that are assigned that responsibility.

Rep Ratcliffe wants to push all of this responsibility onto the court system, which is already overloaded with work. Clogging up the courts is not a more efficient way of implementing rules or offering protections.

I will work to see that the agencies and departments of our government work to our benefit, using the expertise, knowledge, and training that we have hired them to do, to protect us all.

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