Threats to American security

One of the greatest internal threats to American security is our diminishment of the State Department and our move away from a strong position on diplomacy.  Relationships with foreign governments take years to develop, and are best built by people who have knowledge of and experience in different cultures.  Our diplomatic corps has developed and relied upon the expertise of people with training and understanding of different cultures, who are aware of strategies to use during difficult negotiations, and who keep the best interest of the United States foremost in their minds as they work under strenuous conditions.  We need to strengthen our diplomatic corps and recognize that the work they do before entering into a potential military conflict saves precious lives and limited resources.

We face a difficult and complex situation with North Korea.  Relying upon generations of experience, the subtleties of international relationships to bring appropriate pressure on this adversary, and building a coalition of nations to stand firmly against the further development of nuclear arms stands a much better chance of progress than bluster and threatening words.  Congress needs to go about the quiet work of encouraging a more careful approach that makes use of the resources at our disposal long before this escalates into something potentially horrific.

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