Why I am running for this office

I entered this race in hopes of bringing people together with a new understanding of this office, listening to constituents, including those who may disagree with me.  Developing a position or forming a decision on a vote can and should be influenced by the conversations and the needs of people in the district.

The working and middle class families of the 4th District are under attack.  Social Security and Medicare are being threatened by tax cuts for the wealthy that increases the national debt  Support and funding for public schools are being eroded, higher education is becoming more expensive.  Access to healthcare is becoming more limited as small to medium size hospitals face growing financial pressures.  Hobbling the Affordable Care Act will place a heavier burden on the health care system as the cost of uninsured people is passed along to those of us with insurance.  I want to correct these problems as the Representative of the 4th Congressional District.

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